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The Stansford family - Marystown, Newfoundland

The Rioux family - Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec

The Hirds family - Regina, Saskatchewan

The Rosedale Baptist Church - Hammonton, New Jersey

5 Missionaries in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria

The Maietta family - Groseto, Italy

The Kamp family - Alsmere, Holland

Terry Sharp – The Canary Islands

The Bohman family - Kenya and Tanzania

The Bitun family - The Philippines

The De family – India

3 missionaries in China (identity and location concealed)

The Wiebe family - Bolivia

The Pustam family – Trinidad and Tobago

The Dinsmore's - Belize

The Smith family - BIMI, CLAIM ministry

Famine Relief Fund - $100 monthly given to churches of like faith in famine-hit areas of the world as patterned after the church of Antioch in Acts 11:26-30

Dr. Al Stone – Bearing Precious Seed, Canada

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